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Saturday, 20 July 2013

CT Tutorial for SkyScraps Designs PTU *Cleopatra: Tagger Size* Scrap Kit, which I have paired with Tube Artist Maxine Gadd's PTU *Maxine Gadd Individual Tube 34-3*

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This tutorial is my creation and is written by me,
 any resemblance or any similarity to any other tutorial 
is a co-incidence and is totally not intentional!

Written on: 20th July'2013

Materials/Supplies Needed for this tutorial:

1. Scrap Kit: PTU *Cleopatra* Scrap Kit By SkyScrap Designs.
2. Mask: Any mask of your own choice and preference,
though I did not use any mask for this one,
but you can add a mask if you wish to.
3. Tube: Matching Tube PTU *Maxine Gadd Individual Tube 34-3* By Maxine Gadd.
4. Font: Any Font of your own choice and preference, I used a FTU font.
5. Software/Program: I used Photoshop CS6, but any Photoshop will equally work!
6. Total knowledge and skill of the functions and features of Photoshop,
especially working with layers.

Elements And Papers Used From the Scrap Kit:

1. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e59
2. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e58
3.  SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e55
4.  SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e51
5.  SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e49
6.  SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e48
7.  SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e47
8. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e46
9.  SkyScraps-Cleopatra-41
 10. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e39
 11.  SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e37
12. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e26
13. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e17
14. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e11
15. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e3
16. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e2
 17. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e1


1.Open a New And Transparent Canvas and size it to 714x714.

2.  Firstly what we will do is, create a base for the tag,
so that we can work on adding more stuff accordingly.
Take SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e39, paste and invert,
place on the top of the blank canvas.

3. Now, take SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e11, paste and re-size
to 50%, duplicate once, place in the mid-section of the canvas,
below SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e39 and position side-by-side eachother.

4. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e55, paste and place
on the canvas, so that is covers the whole canvas,
and looks like a border to everything added yet.

5. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e58, paste and re-size to
different sizes, duplicate three times and
place on the top of the canvas, partially behind
one-another, so as to look like a mountain-range.

6. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e51, SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e49 and
SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e41, paste and duplicate each a couple times
or thrice, re-size into different sizes and place in between
SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e58's layers, to make it look fuller
as well as for adding a nice and natural look.

7. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e48 and SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e26,
paste and re-size to 15%, place SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e48
on the top right hand-side and SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e26
on the top left hand side, where it looks like land
on the lower portion of  SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e58.

8. Add the Tube(s) and apply drop shadow,
as well as inner shadow, according to your preference.

9. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e46, paste and re-size to
80%, duplicate three times, and place above
and side-by-side one-another, to form the land/ground.

10. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e3, paste and re-size to 60%,
duplicate once, place on both sides of the tag on SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e46.

11. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e47, paste and re-size to 40%,
place on the right side SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e3.

12. SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e1, SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e37,
SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e17, SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e59 and
SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e2, paste and re-size accordinly,
place from right to left, respectively on SkyScraps-Cleopatra-e46.

13. Add proper copyrights and licenses,
as well as the name and(or) phrase on the tag.

14.And then save the tag as a PNG.

15. At last open the tag, add drop shadow
and emboss to whole tag, also again save as PNG.

If any of you like my tutorial and tag, and use my tutorial
for any of your creations, please send them to me via e-mail 
at, and I would love them to post
them on my blog! God bless you all! xo-xo

Thank You!

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